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Exposure Ninja & Fabrics Galore – 13X ROI is ‘Shear’ Madness!

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Published Date 26.01.2024

When eCommerce competitiveness is at an all-time high, Exposure Ninja stands out not just for its strategic acumen but for its ability to weave magic into its campaigns, transforming challenges into monumental successes. 

Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency based in London and Nottingham. Writers of the famous book, How to Get to the Top of Google, and innovators in SGE, they are market leaders in cutting-edge search and creative marketing.

The Exposure Ninja & Fabrics Galore email campaign has been shortlisted for 2024’s CRM / Email Content Campaign of the Year at the European Content Awards. This isn’t simply the story of an agency and its client, it’s a testament to innovation, dedication, and the remarkable results that happen when the two are perfectly aligned. 

The campaign we ran with Fabrics Galore is a prime example of such excellence, showcasing why Exposure Ninja has been shortlisted for the prestigious European Content Awards.

The Fabric of Our Success

Fabrics Galore, a family-run business in the heart of London, found itself in a predicament familiar to many in the retail sector. Despite offering a rich selection of fabrics from renowned brands and catering to a wide range of sewing enthusiasts, their order numbers were dwindling. That’s where Exposure Ninja came in, not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner.

With a timeline of 12 weeks, our objective was clear but ambitious — to achieve an ROI of three times the budget within 12 months by revitalising their email marketing efforts. The challenge wasn’t just to increase sales but to reinvigorate a subscriber base of 16,000, many of which were inactive.

Tailoring a Strategy

Understanding the Fabrics Galore audience was our starting point. The blend of enthusiastic beginners and experienced sewists formed the pattern on which we based our strategy. Six meticulously crafted email sequences targeted these segments, focusing on engaging content, irresistible offers, and a personalised journey that resonated with each subscriber’s sewing aspirations and skill levels.

The transformation wasn’t just in the numbers but in the narrative we helped Fabrics Galore to tell. From the tone of voice to the website’s design updates, every element was placed with intent, ensuring a seamless experience from inbox to online store.

Creativity in Every Thread

Our approach was anything but off-the-rack. The implementation of six key automation sequences, including welcome sequences, abandoned cart recoveries, and review requests, was complemented by a deep dive into subscriber preferences. This allowed us to tailor content that not only engaged but inspired action.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. Within 15 days, the campaign achieved a positive ROI, a feat that speaks volumes about the efficacy of the strategy. Over six months, the email sequences we deployed generated a 13X return on investment.

Overcoming Challenges

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Our client, who had previously been disillusioned with email marketing, required not just persuasive data but proof of concept to embrace our vision. The transition to Klaviyo and the integration of advanced segmentation and dynamic content proved to be game-changers, converting scepticism into advocacy.

Why We Deserve to Win

Our campaign with Fabrics Galore is a narrative of transformation. It’s a story of how a considered, creative approach to email marketing can reinvigorate a brand, engage a diverse audience, and drive unprecedented sales. This campaign didn’t just meet its objectives — it redefined what’s possible with email marketing, making it a deserving contender for the European Content Awards.

In the words of Charlie Marchant, CEO of Exposure Ninja, “The combination of results-driven thinking and creative approach epitomises what we do at Exposure Ninja. We craft strategies that drive ROI in fun and innovative ways. Seeing such a phenomenal return on investment in a short period is a testament to the team’s hard work, creativity, and our client’s trust in our vision.”

This campaign is a showcase for what the future holds, not just for Exposure Ninja but for the clients and industries we serve. It’s a reminder that with the right approach, even the most ambitious goals are within reach.

Find out what Exposure Ninja’s award-winning Email Marketing services can do for you. Request your free website and digital marketing review from our team of marketing specialists.

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