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Breaking Barriers in Finance: How TrueGroup’s ‘Let’s Be Direct’ Series Captured New Audiences Through Financial Literacy (and some fun)

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Published Date 26.01.2024

In the world of finance, the language of money often becomes a barrier, creating a chasm between the seasoned experts who navigate its complexities with ease and the general public who find themselves on the outskirts, struggling to grasp the nuances. This divide is not just about the use of technical jargon; it’s about the very way financial concepts and information are conveyed and perceived. To the uninitiated, the financial world can appear as an exclusive club, where the rules of engagement are shrouded in a veil of intricate terms and abstract concepts, making it challenging for the average person to gain entry or participate with confidence.

The need to demystify this language and bridge this gap is therefore not just a matter of convenience, but a crucial step towards financial inclusion and empowerment. At TrueGroup this is something we wanted to address in our marketing campaign for Charles Stanley: Let’s Be Direct. By translating and presenting financial concepts into more accessible, relatable (and fun) content, we feel we can open doors to a new generation of audience and customer for our client.

About TrueGroup

At TrueGroup Agency we create visionary marketing content for companies and brands that are shaping the future. Based in London, we are a digital content studio, a close-knit collective of international talent, each project fueled by a team of specialist creatives and technical engineers across every marketing vertical. Our work spans strategy, video production, web & graphic design, augmented reality, virtual reality, and app builds, all aimed at delivering exceptional creative solutions that drive sales and build fanbases. We’re not just a service provider; we see ourselves as partners, fully integrating with clients to make an impact that resonates.

Our Award-Nominated ‘Let’s Be Direct’ campaign for Charles Stanley

The campaign was born out of a desire to engage and capture the next generation of investors. Our goal was ambitious: to increase registration numbers on Charles Stanley’s retail investment app, drive traffic to their website, and boost social media following.

We set clear objectives:

  • Reach 100,000 video views within a year.
  • Double Instagram following.
  • Increase app registrations by 20%.
  • Boost calls and inquiries by 50%.
  • Enhance brand awareness by 10%.

Targeting the younger generation of investors, specifically individuals aged 18-35, we recognised the need to speak in a language they understood and create content for platforms where they hung out.

Research, Strategy, and Execution

We began with extensive research and focus groups, uncovering that financial jargon and literacy were major hurdles to investing for our target audience. This research formed the foundation of our approach to the project.

We chose YouTube and Instagram for dissemination to help capture the largest number of our target market. The language used was clear, concise, and relatable, breaking down complex financial concepts into digestible pieces.

The series comprised 10 short-form videos, each tackling a specific financial topic. We drew inspiration from ‘The Big Short’ for our narrative approach, breaking the fourth wall to establish a direct and more personal connection with viewers. The incorporation of Charles Stanley ambassador Erica Whyte as the presenter added a relatable face to the campaign. The use of bright, branded art direction, engaging animation, and everyday props made complex ideas more understandable and engaging.

Results and Impact

The results were beyond expectations:

  • Video views surged to 138,000.
  • Instagram following increased by 220%.
  • App registrations rose by 50.56%.
  • Calls and inquiries spiked by 147.26%.
  • Brand awareness grew by 15-18% in key segments.
  • Website article page views jumped by 147.26%.
  • Supported website visits reached 21,000.

Beyond Traditional Financial Marketing

Our approach deviated from traditional financial marketing, which often focuses on product promotion. We centered our campaign on education and empowerment, prioritising financial literacy over pushing financial products. The combination of vibrant visuals and engaging content moved away from the conventional seriousness of financial content, adding a touch of fun and approachability.

Testimonials and The Meaning of This Nomination

TrueGroup Founder Ben Collins: “Receiving a nomination for this award is a testament to the heroic work and dedication of our team. We loved creating this campaign with our partners at Charles Stanley and are delighted for the recognition. Thank you to the panel and everyone involved.”

Erica Whyte, Head of Content at Charles Stanley: “TrueGroup’s performance on our ‘Let’s Be Direct’ campaign was exceptional. Their deep research, creative brilliance, and practical application surpassed our expectations. They struck the perfect balance between entertainment and education, creating a memorable and impactful series.”

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