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Published Date 06.02.2023

It is an honour to kick-off 2023 with the news that Upstream is a finalist at the European Content Awards. We are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted alongside so many other prestigious and innovative companies and names. We even did our little happy dance with the team when we heard the news!

The European Content Awards showcase the very best the industry has to offer. The next few years will see a huge shift in how marketing leaders choose to work, engage with consumers and drive the growth of their brands. Amongst a community of like-minded forward-thinking innovators, we’re excited to be leading this revolution.

A bit more as a way of appreciation

Making it to the shortlist has only been possible thanks to the hard work and undeniable talent of our entire team of mobile marketing experts. Winning would be a thumbs up for our journey as a martech company that seizes the opportunity to grow more and more and a testament to the dedication of our team, and our fantastic customers and partners across the globe who put their trust in us to deliver our best every single day.

Upstream is growing at tremendous pace. Every month, our services and technology become more innovative, reaching more customers in an ever-expanding number of sectors. We are a close-knit but globally focused team, with offices across the most important high growth markets in the world.

The next twelve months will be a pivotal year for brands of all shapes and sizes as they face navigating the growth of their customer bases and revenue streams against a picture of global economic cooling and evolving customer expectations.

However, this economic picture is also feeding a growing consumer demand for richer digital experiences and services. That’s why we’re on a mission to enable brands to drive growth by helping them create the best personalized experiences for consumers possible, leading to greater engagement, satisfaction, and sales.

Our powerful mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, enables mobile network operators (MNOs), advertisers and e-commerce brands to boost the efficiency and success of multichannel marketing campaigns, driving five times higher customer conversions with 30% less effort and a three times ROI.

With three-quarters of consumers expecting companies to use new technology to create better experiences, and nearly two-thirds expecting personalisation as a standard, Grow offers just this. All from a single platform, marketing teams can orchestrate highly effective campaigns that supercharge new customer acquisition, raise customers’ lifetime value, minimise efforts and reduce costs through cutting-edge automation and artificial intelligence.

Our team has worked with customers across the world to put a laser-focus on their mobile marketing and omnichannel campaigns by maximizing how they use content and set dynamic user journeys according to individual user profiles and behaviours. This means that the platform can trigger personalized tailored content and communications, such as retargeting messages, at the right time via the most appropriate channel (such as SMS, RCS, WhatsApp etc.), to maximize campaign performance and minimize ‘messaging spam’. For example, we worked with a leading Brazilian MNO using Grow to boost the lifetime value of its subscribers with incentives for users to upgrade their plans. Through a highly effective automated same-day retargeting campaign of SMS, RCS, MMS and email messages aimed at users who had dropped out of the funnel to upgrade plans, the MNO secured 785,000 plan upgrades in just 6 months. Similarly, Brazilian healthy snack food provider, Flormel, used Grow to drive-up sales by 8% and expand its customer database through highly targeted and engaging pop-up and SMS marketing campaigns.

Authors: Chrysa Karamanidi, Chief Innovation Officer Upstream & Katerina Matthaiou, Product Innovation Director Upstream

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