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VeraContent: Global multilingual agency shortlisted for European Content Awards 2023

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Published Date 02.02.2023

At VeraContent, we’re extremely excited to have been shortlisted for the European Content Awards under the category “Best multilingual content campaign of the year.” We’re even more thrilled that our entry was a collaboration among so many of our team members, including our in-house marketing department, project managers and designer, as well as our trusted network of local community managers based in several European countries.

Our entry featured a campaign that we created in collaboration with Spanish petcare brand, Sanicat, during October 2022 to celebrate Black Cat Awareness Month. This campaign showcased our agency’s ability to launch and execute a highly complex multilingual content marketing project under tight deadlines.

As a global content marketing agency, VeraContent helps brands send the right message to audiences worldwide. We specialize in multilingual content creation, marketing translation, global social media management and graphic design localization. 

We first started working with Sanicat in 2015 to create and translate its website and blog content into seven languages. Today, we also run the company’s social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook in eight markets: Spain, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal and LATAM. More recently, we began advising the brand on creative content ideas and paid ad strategy.

Black Cat Awareness Month Campaign

The campaign we entered into the European Content Awards was created in light of Black Cat Awareness Month, which takes place in October each year. Together with our client Sanicat, our team launched a multilingual campaign to raise awareness around black cats and change people’s perceptions of them—from bringing bad luck to good luck. We encouraged Sanicat’s followers to share their photos and stories of black cats, which we then shared across Sanicat’s local social media platforms.

Our team came up with the idea for the campaign and executed it from start to finish. Throughout October 2022, we created and shared a heartwarming video, nine social media creative pieces and two blog posts—one to launch the campaign and one to conclude the campaign.

We ran the campaign on Sanicat’s European Instagram and Facebook profiles (in English) and also adapted and shared the content across their Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey Instagram and Facebook profiles and their Latin American Instagram profile. 

In total, 28 stories came in from six of the eight markets we ran the campaign in—Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and LATAM. We selected eight of these stories to share across all of the brand’s channels. The user-generated content used in the campaign was collected, translated and shared over the course of the month.

This campaign was truly a collaborative effort between Sanicat, our project managers, marketing department, translators, graphic designers and local community managers.

What this award means to us

This campaign represents a wonderful reflection of our team’s capacity to come up with highly complex multilingual content projects for global brands, and bring them to fruition. This recognition also highlights how impactful multilingual content marketing can be, and the importance of adapting your content for each audience. 

At VeraContent, we also place great emphasis on working with local community managers to ensure that all content is accurately adapted to each market. Working on this campaign showed us how strong our collaborations with our community managers are and the power of interactive campaigns.

According to our project manager who ran this campaign, Aurélie Berson: “Entering this award was the result of a beautiful collaboration among professionals from all over the world. Our campaign was conducted in seven different languages and everyone involved worked very closely together, sharing valuable insights from their own market, and putting their heart into sharing real heartwarming stories. This recognition is a great accomplishment for our team and a reflection of our hard work.”

According to our graphic designer, Esaú Gozalo: “I was excited to have the opportunity to go above and beyond my usual graphic design role for this campaign. It was a great way to work more closely with community managers in all the markets to make sure the design was localized as well as the written content.”

We look forward to celebrating great content marketing with our industry peers at the virtual Winners’ Announcements.

Sanicat client story | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

From VeraContent Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Daphne Binioris

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