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Eight and Four are beginning their year with an awards nomination

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Published Date 02.02.2023

We are delighted to kick off the year and our 2023 awards momentum with our latest nomination in the European Content Awards in the ‘Travel/Leisure Content Campaign of the Year’ category for our work with Sandals Resorts. 

Through its rich 40-year heritage and pioneering all-inclusive offering within the Caribbean, the Sandals Resorts brand has been able to establish a really strong reputation for itself within the luxury travel landscape – particularly among Gen X and Baby Boomer audiences, who historically have formed their key target demographic. 

With newer brands emerging on the scene and competition increasing within this luxury all-inclusive space, Sandals found themselves faced with the need to retain relevancy amidst a changing market, by creating content that allowed to their brand to resonate with younger generations.

In response to this challenge, Sandals sought to find an agency that could help them transform the brand on social – evolving the visual identity that had previously been so entrenched, and building a fresh, compelling content approach to help them strike a chord with millennial audiences. This is where we came in.

We developed an editorial programme that would drive new levels of brand engagement across every social channel at our disposal. With brand awareness at low levels among the desired millennial audience, we sought to ensure that the brand was showing up in the right spaces at the right time in the right ways – tapping into social trends we knew would resonate, such as personalised experiences, influencer activity and culture-informed insights.

Key objectives included:

  • Increasing engagement – we focused on engagement as the primary measure of success across key audiences 
  • Reaching new audiences – driving brand awareness and desire amongst a millennial audience 
  • Feeding the funnel – in the second half of the campaign, we included a bottom-funnel strategy to convert consumers towards book their next holiday  

Our content strategy kicked off with an in-depth analysis at the lifestyle travel landscape, from which we were able to draw on key visual and tonal principles. From there, we looked at what these meant for a brand with as strong and unique a heritage story as Sandals. 

Across our core social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & TikTok) we have generated:

  • 243m impressions – 97% above target 
  • 758k link clicks – 100% above target
  • 1.9m engagements – 299% above target 
  • 2.5k bookings ($17.2m revenue generated) – 6% above target 
  • 45% increase in millennial audience 
  • 800+ social posts 

These impressive targets have also seen us welcome a total 65.5k new consumers to our channels, in turn allowing Sandals to dominate the social media landscape with a combined audience nearly 2 million users larger than its core competitors (Baha Mar and Four Seasons).  

Good luck to the other agencies, and fingers crossed for more good news and recognition in 2023. 


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