Qumin, Thrilled to be European Content 2022 Finalists

At Qumin we are thrilled to hear we have been selected as a finalist for the European Content Awards! Entering is not easy as we spent days crafting our entry form to reflect a campaign that we are incredibly proud to have been a part of.

Of all the work we have produced over the past 9 years –“Where Brave Starts” was the piece we were most proud of – we really pour our heart and soul into this. this was the piece we were most proud of – we really pour our heart and soul into this. We are proud of not just the effectiveness, but how we truly resonated with our target audience by applying a ‘for us by us’ model. Rather than content produced by agency staff who struggle to have in-depth understanding of Chinese Gen Z – we worked closely with creators who live and breathe the subculture – all under the umbrella of our big idea that meets both the brand truth and the audience truth.

We felt that we really inspired a community and lived up to our creative of “where the brave starts.”

Winning the award would further give us and our client the recognition that we feel this campaign deserves due to its innovative strategy, creative and impactful execution. Most of all its authenticity in the way we worked with creators – which we believe is setting the scene to disrupt the influencer marketing model globally, in general. we felt that we are challenging status quo with this campaign.

We believe that we will be moving away from borrowing reach, toward owning reach and moving away from working with influencers (commentators and Instagram models), towards working with creators (people who create and contribute to culture).

We worked tirelessly across 2 continents in challenging times with many junior members of the team and the recognition for their hard work would be an incredible boost in their career path.

We look forward to celebrating great work with our industry peers at the virtual Winners’ Announcements.

Author: Arnold Ma, Sam Harry Philips & Miranda Yuan, Qumin.

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