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S360 Excited About the European Content Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 12.01.2022

European Content Awards asked finalists, s360, about making the finals!

How did the s360 team feel when you heard the news that you were finalists?

The team was ecstatic. There has been this hope in both the client and internal teams that we would make it, and already we are proud of creating the case itself. The actual news that we are finalists got launched through a team meeting where the ecstatic vibe and applause spread all over the meeting.

It was easy to feel our people’s pride in what they did and achieved by being recognized as a shortlisted case at European Content Awards 2022. 

Did you find entering easy, and was it worth it?

Entering was easy with the application form, but writing the actual case is always challenging as there’s so much knowledge in a typical client case. Being able to tell the story with key elements for the case category is key. Entering has been worth it with the recognition we have received so far. 

What are your plans for the virtual Winners’ Announcements?

Our plan for the virtual Winners’ Announcements is an internal s360 broadcast of the festivities & announcements where we’ll go through the cases we submitted before the official events start, and we’ll cross our fingers! 


Author: Jonas Donbaek, Head of Marketing, s360

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