What our previous winners had to say

Being awarded as Best Platform in the European Content Awards is the consecution of an amazing job done in the past year. Customers always read about your online footprint and this is an international recognition that creates more trust around our company and our solution. We are very proud of achieving this milestone and we appreciate you all for the support.” – Daniel Sánchez, Co-founder & CEO, Influencity

“As a fairly newly started agency in Sweden this is a huge win for us. A gold in the podcast category for our first international campaign gives us a well deserved boost for the oncoming projects.”Borg Owilli

“Winning the European Content Awards 2020 helped me strengthen my personal brand in international waters. Thanks to this award, I have met several skilled professionals from across Europe and received many job offers and new business opportunities. I’m glad that there are awards that let individual SEO freelancers stand out as well, not only the big agencies.” – Mikuláš Prokop, SEO Consultant